Exposed  Temptations  Tattoo  and  Baller,  Inc.  Present 
the  DC  Tattoo  Expo
DC Tattoo Expo

Event Schedule

2018 Schedule
Friday Jan 12th
6pm - 8pm:

Vendor registration pick up

8pm - 2am:

Welcome Party

Friday Jan 12th
 8am - 1pm:

Set up and registration for artists and vendors

11am - 11pm:

Ticket sales open to the public

1pm - 11pm:

Floor is open to the public, tattooing and body piercing

2pm - 11pm:

Richard Todd photography

5pm - 6pm:

Captain & MayBelle - Main stage area

6pm - 10:30pm:

It's back and better than ever: “Exposed Live Tattoo Off” featuring the artists of Ink Masters in the main stage area


Tattoo of the Day - main stage area

Saturday Jan 13th
11am - 11pm:

Tickets on Sale

12pm - 11pm:

Floor is open to the public, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Live Contests and Entertainment

1pm - 11pm:

Richard Todd Photography

2pm - 3:30pm:

Captain & MayBelle - Main stage area

4pm - 6pm:

Contest Judging of all art categories: Best booth, Color Flash, Black & Gray Flash, Fine Art, Skate Deck (this is open to the public and all artwork must be picked up following awards)


Sleeve, Male & Female
Back Piece, Male & Female
Overall, Male & Female
Color Portrait
Black & Gray Portrait
Black & Gray Large Tattoo
Black & Gray Small Tattoo

6pm - 7:30pm:

Miss DC and Junior DC Pin Up Contest - main stage

8pm - 9pm:

Opening Band - main stage

9pm - 10pm:

Tattoo of the Day Contest - main stage

10pm - 11pm:

Mini Kiss Performing Live on the main stage

11pm - 2am:

After Party featuring Mini Kiss meet and greet

Sunday Jan 14th
11am - 7pm:

Tickets on Sale

12pm - 7pm:

Floor is open to public for tattooing & body piercing

12pm - 5pm:

Richard Todd Photography

3:30pm - 5:30pm:

Tattoo Contest, judging with awards presented after each category - main stage


Color Large
Color Small
American Traditional, Male & Female
Traditional Oriental, Male & Female
Cover up: Both in person or photographs of before & after healed (MUST BE CLEAR PHOTOS) or in person (NOT A LIVE COMPETITION)

5:30pm - 6pm:

Tattoo of the day - main stage


Best of Show - main stage

7pm - 8pm:

Tear down for all vendors must be out of the halls by 8pm no exceptions!!


Roast of Rob Massamiano VIP ticket holders only

10pm - 2am:

After Party